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Learning is fun and easy

Barb's Logo Barbara has been giving private lessons for over twenty years. She believes in bringing out the music within each student, focusing on music that they enjoy playing, while giving them a thorough background in theory. Barbara plays all styles of music as well as composing her own pieces, so she can help a student become proficient with classical, jazz, new age, or popular genres. She has taught many children to play and loves working with adult beginners or those are returning to playing after a hiatus. Several of her previous students are currently attending USC as music majors.


Would you like to learn to read music faster and more easily? Notefinder is a handy reference showing the lines of the staff in red and the spaces in blue. Students can keep this reference by their music to help them find any note quickly. This keeps them in the present moment and reinforces learning.

Click Here to inquire about Notefinder


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